Bitgem Labs

Bitgem labs is the hub of our universe making it possible to easily navigate between all of the projects under development. As a company we aim to bring a variety of interesting and unique NFT experiences to our customers, from the ever developing OG bitgem to the collectible experience of Cities to our NFT games like Avatars, we are sure there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

Bitgem OG

After quite a long time, Bitgem is on it's way back! Much much better and stronger than ever. This project is a unique NFT gamified experience, with high end art and engaging functionaity! We will be starting with the original 8 again, aiming to soon become the digital versions of precious gems. Available on FTM.

Avatar Game

If you're not afraid of the Yeti or the Lizardman, you would definitlely enjoy the Avatar game. These guys guard that sector of the Bitgem Universe with their life, so tread carefully. If you want to get some unique NFT's created in their image or from the image of their children you might just get lucky.

World of Magic (Spell Cards) (coming soon)

This is where the real magic starts. The great wizard Pallordius has infused all these cards with his special magic, and as a result now they contain powers unimaginable for ordinary people. These cards are not only great for their owner to help with their life, but will be used in games across the Bitgem Universe.

Cities (preview) (coming soon)

Start collecting attractions on the British Isles! Cities is the first of its kind: an NFT collecting game where each attraction is an NFT that you can buy/sell. Once you've collected all the attractions for your chosen city, you can mint the city itself. And as soon as you have half the attractions, you can move on to the next city! But don't delay, the price of attractions keeps going up!

Boojabaunga Galaxy

This is just a planet in the Boojabaunga galaxy. That galaxy is full of cute, but rather strange creatures, called Emokis. And yes, Emokis are weird. They consist of three elements, and can be created in a lab. But lucky for you, you can make some as well. With the help of Doc Monkeystein. But be prepared: he's just as weird as the emokis. Oh, and did we mention that the home planet has a spaceport and you can travel to and mine other planets?

Bitieval (TBD)

Medieval times. Battles, weapons and lot's of fun. Here is your chance to try yourself out at becoming a master blacksmith and be able to forge the most coveted sword of Vallalha. Or just a cool dagger with a couple gems. Or just a bunch of NFTs that you can't get anywhere else.

Pandora (TBD)

Pandora. Many have heard about this planet and its inhabiitants. What they may not have heard about is the secret Banshee-races visitors can enter. Riding these dragon-like creatures is no small feat, certainly not for the faint-hearted.

BitBot (TBD) (preview)

Do you want to own some virtual land in the soon-to-be hottest real estate market of the METAVERSE? Then get over there quick, the bionimals and wild cyborgs are waiting for you. Get your hands on some Power Gem Juice and enjoy the ride./p>